Taylor Swift Tells Fans To Vote Again On The Day Of Electoral Mid-Terms

Taylor Swift Tells Fans To Vote Again On The Day Of Electoral Mid-Terms
Source: Vulture.com

Taylor Swift is continuing down her newfound political path in the midst of mid-term election day. Today, the pop-star posted several stories on her Instagram urging fans to go out and vote.

In a series of videos, Taylor said, "you got to go vote today." While praising the young people of the modern era, Swift explained there is a new generation of burgeoning adults who are more than capable of making the right decisions for themselves.

"I'm seeing a lot of underestimation of young voters and this new generation," the star remarked, adding that kids today have grown up in a post-9/11 world filled with school shooting drills and other calamities. Taylor believes the potential for political participation is higher now than ever.

"These are people who want to vote," Taylor added. The 27-year-old Reputation star went on to state that it's not enough to want change, people have to be willing to vote to make it happen.

In an attempt to spark a wave of social media support, Taylor urged her fans to post photos of themselves online with the hashtag, "#justvoted," on Instagram.

Taylor Swift has taken considerable criticism in the past for not talking politics, including from fellow stars like Katy Perry. However, on the 7th of October, Swift began speaking out on the way in which she has supported Tennessee Democrats.

On the 7th, she slammed Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in front of her over-100-million Instagram followers. Swift stated that her history of voting was "atrocious," and she would instead, vote for Phil Bredesen, who appears to be a far more viable candidate.

Taylor also announced her support for Representative Jim Cooper, who's currently trying to come out on top in Tennessee. Since coming out as an activist, Swift has continued to push her fans to participate.

As it was previously reported, Taylor's encouragement for fans to register actually worked. Multiple outlets reported the number of registrations doubled in the state of Tennessee after Taylor publicly supported Mr. Bredesen.

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