Taylor Swift States That Scott Borchetta Has 'Selective Memory' Regarding Masters Purchase - He Has '300 Million Reasons' For It

Taylor Swift States That Scott Borchetta Has 'Selective Memory' Regarding Masters Purchase - He Has '300 Million Reasons' For It
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According to a report from Variety.com, Taylor Swift sat down with the hosts of CBS Sunday Morning recently and stated that Scott Borchetta has a "selective memory" regarding his offer to Taylor to acquire the rights to her master recordings.

As it was previously reported, Scooter Braun purchased her back catalog through the acquisition of Big Machine Records. His organization, Ithaca Holdings, bought out Big Machine Records for a whopping $300,000,000.

Speaking with the host, Tracy Smith, Taylor said she always knew Scott would sell her music, however, she never once thought he would sell it to Scooter. According to Taylor, she and Scott had spoken endlessly regarding her thoughts on Scooter.

"And he has 300 million reasons to conveniently forget those conversations," Taylor said in regards to Scooter's acquisition of the Label Group. Swift also denied allegations that she was aware of the deal on the table between Scott and Scooter.

Swift said she found out about the negotiations once they hit the mainstream media. Tracy asked Taylor if anybody in her circle knew about it, and the Love artist said, "No." During the same interview, Taylor announced her intentions to re-record her catalog with Big Machine Records as well.

Following the news of the purchase, Taylor formerly took to her Tumblr account to say the deal was perhaps her "worst-case scenario." Apparently, Taylor and Braun didn't get along well.

While Taylor said she would like to re-record the albums, a music industry expert who spoke with reporters from New York Post's Page Six, stated that Swift technically wasn't in the position to do, because she doesn't own the songs, unless she changed the lyrics to the songs, which would undoubtedly render them less valuable.

Apparently, the iconic singer, Prince, also faced this dilemma in the past, and he had to re-record his albums under the name, "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince."

The expert said to the New York Post that since then, the industry has been changed which directly prohibited artists from performing this tactic again. Prince notoriously fought for the rights to his music for years.

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