Taylor Swift Sparks Joe Alwyn Engagement Rumors – Here’s Why Fans Think She Getting Married

Taylor Swift Sparks Joe Alwyn Engagement Rumors – Here’s Why Fans Think She Getting Married
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Taylor Swift is sparking engagement rumors with boyfriend Joe Alwyn . Thanks to the lyrics of her upcoming single 'Lover,' her fans now believe she is engaged to marry Alwyn after three years of dating.

There is no question Swift has been put through the wringer in the romance department. She was deemed unlucky in love for years.

However, when the singer began dating Alwyn, life immediately changed for Swift. She has been super quiet about the relationship, which is one reason fans knew early on he was the one for her.

The 29-year-old singer shared some of the lyrics from her seventh album, which drops on August 24th, in her cover story for Vogue magazine's September issue. Fans think the words to the title track from the album have a hidden meaning.

"My heart's been borrowed, and yours has been blue. All's well that ends well to end up with you. Doesn't that remind you of the old wedding adage for brides, Something old/something new/something borrowed/something blue?" Swift sings in the song 'Lover.'

Swifties, as die-hard fans of the Cats star are often called, quickly took to Tumblr to discuss the meaning of her new song. The reason her fans are big on using Tumblr instead of another social media platform is that it is the one Swift uses the most.

"Wait, my hearts been borrowed and yours has been blue something borrowed and something blue, ma'am," shared one fan on Tumblr.

The post would not have raised suspicion, but the songstress liked the message, and that has fans freaking out. Several social media users are now posting Swift confirmed her engagement through the song, as well as liking various Tumblr posts.

Taylor Swift fans think she is engaged to Joe Alwyn. The singer has not commented on the speculation she is getting hitched, and neither has her actor boyfriend. She hasn't been spotted wearing any new ring bling, as of yet.

However, her 'Lover' song lyrics have fans convinced she is talking about marrying Alwyn. Since the day the two were first linked, rumors have been swirling that Swift believed Alwyn was the one for her.

Perhaps once her new album drops the songstress will address the engagement rumors. Until then and maybe even after, fans will just have to speculate. If she has something to tell, Swift will clue fans when she is good and ready.

What do you think, are Swift and Alwyn engaged?

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