Taylor Swift Shows Gratitude For Fans' Support Of Her Latest Record Lover

Taylor Swift Shows Gratitude For Fans' Support Of Her Latest Record Lover
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According to a report from Billboard.com, Taylor Swift recently got her fourth number 1 album in the United Kingdom with her latest record, Lover. On Saturday, today, the 31st of August, the singer-songwriter took to her Instagram to express her appreciation for the support.

In a video message, Swift said to her millions of followers that she had one of the greatest weeks of her life this past week, attributing her fans' support of her record as one of the reasons.

Taylor, who won video of the year on Monday night's MTV VMAs, said on her social media that this past week couldn't have been "more fun," and getting to meet her fans was a great experience. Moreover, Swift thanked the commenters out there who said nice things about Lover online.

Reportedly, Lover did very well on the albums chart, and it was the biggest week in the United States for any record in terms of total units sold. As it was previously reported, Taylor was at the VMAs on Monday night to accept the award for video of the year for her track, "You Need to Calm Down."

During her acceptance speech, Taylor urged Congress to take notice to a petition - with 500,000 signatures on it - promoting the Equality Act, a bill meant to end gender or sexual orientation-based discrimination.

Even Kellyanne Conway addressed her speech and went on to reference some of her lyrics while on Fox News. Kellyanne said that while Taylor's intentions may be good, Hollywood and the entertainment industry lately has often tried to be political, but it has had counter-productive results instead.

The White House aide, Conway, was referring to the Senate battle between Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican, and Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, were competing for the Tennessee Senate position.

Finally becoming political after receiving some hate from other celebrities and entertainment figures, Taylor urged her millions of followers to vote amid the Senate race, and while media reports claim there was an increase in voter registration in her home state, ultimately, Marsha still beat Phil in the end.

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