Taylor Swift Shares What Made Her Fall For Joe Alwyn In New Netflix Documentary

Taylor Swift Shares What Made Her Fall For Joe Alwyn In New Netflix Documentary
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Taylor Swift seems very happy and in love with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn but people rarely hear much about their relationship since the singer would rather keep it private! And it makes a lot of sense! After all, Taylor has been in many very public romances and they never ended well.

Still, Taylor was open to telling the world about what made her fall for him and also what he brings positive to her life in her documentary titled Miss Americana.

As fans may know, the two started going out in the fall of 2016 but kept it all a secret, only family and friends knowing about it.

The relationship was only revealed publicly in the summer of 2017, so nearly a year later!

At the time, they were caught on camera having some coffee on a balcony.

Now, in her brand new Netflix documentary, Taylor shares what exactly drew her to him and there’s no doubt that the fans are excited to learn more about their seemingly perfect relationship since she’s barely revealed anything about it before.

The superstar mentioned that he is able to give her a ‘wonderful, normal, balanced kind of life.’

Not only that but she even mentioned that he was there for her, helping her emotionally after the whole drama with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2016.

Joe briefly appears in two scenes in the documentary but no more than that since she still wants to keep their relationship away from the public eye.

But as little as she featured him, the footage is still really sweet!

One scene shows Taylor kissing her boyfriend’s hand while in a car and the second is of her running into his arms after one of her concerts and then walking backstage together. Aww.... Are they not just the cutest couple ever?

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