Taylor Swift Reportedly Launched A New Merchandise Line Involving Her Old Albums - Was It Out Of Spite?

Taylor Swift Reportedly Launched A New Merchandise Line Involving Her Old Albums - Was It Out Of Spite?
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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Taylor Swift just unveiled a new batch of merchandise inspired by her first six records, which were bought up by Scooter Braun from Scott Borchetta, who had signed Taylor to his record label, Big Machine Records, now Big Machine Label Group.

On her website yesterday, Taylor showed off her brand new collection just one day after she performed some of her older songs at the American Music Awards. Swift accused Scooter and Big Machine Label Group of trying to thwart her ability to perform her old songs at the AMA's earlier this week.

While at the American Music Awards, Taylor sang some of her biggest hits while being honored as the artist of the last ten years. Taking her performance and back catalog as inspiration, Taylor created a black-and-white t-shirt modeled after her AMA's outfit.

The t-shirt featured all of her album titles, including Reputation, 1989, Red, Speak Now, Fearless , as well as Taylor Swift, prominently, as if to say something particularly to Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. She didn't include her album, Lover , which was distributed by Universal Music Group.

As it was previously reported, the drama at the AMAs took place a few days before Swift actually performed, with the singer-songwriter taking to her social media to put Borchetta and Braun on blast for supposedly telling her she couldn't perform her songs at the AMAs.

In response, Big Machine Label Group stated they never did so and didn't have the right, legally, to stop her from performing the songs, as she so claimed. Some people pointed out that the statement didn't address her accusations of not allowing her to sing her older songs or perform them in the documentary.

Taylor's representative asked readers to note that Big Machine Label Group never actually denied Taylor's claims. Braun later took to his social media to say people had been sending him death threats, including to his family. Regardless, Taylor refused to stir up more problems while at the show earlier this week.

Swift took to the stage at the American Music Awards to say she had a really tough year but didn't address the controversy directly. "This industry is really weird," the singer remarked.

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