Taylor Swift Preps New Album Inspired By Beyonce And Adele For End Of The Year

Taylor Swift Preps New Album Inspired By Beyonce And Adele For End Of The Year
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Taylor Swift is hard at work on her sixth studio album that will be out later this year, according to her representative.

Miss Swift's BFF, Ed Sheeran, has revealed that the album will be out in December and it will be epic.

Many people have been wondering about the whereabouts of the country/pop diva who has been absent from public life since giving a concert before the Super Bowl in February.

Because many of her fans have been flocking to social media to ask questions, Swift's spokesperson issued an official statement where it was said that the entertainer is searching for the right tune for the project.

She is said to be experimenting with different sounds and collaborating with new producers to put out another classic album.

Miss Swift was apparently inspired by Adele's 25 and Beyoncé's Lemonade to put out her best work yet.

A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said the megastar is working in studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

The person confessed: “[She] has been busy working on her upcoming album, while Taylor is trying to figure out if she wants her album to be more pop or country, she’s planning to release the album this year."

An insider went on to say she is happy to be away from social media.

The person shared: “Taylor [Swift] is loving her break from social media.She enjoys being connected with her fans but she also struggles with the negativity and bullies that she deals with whenever she reads Instagram comments. She will be back to posting more regularly soon, but for now she is really appreciating detoxing and being unplugged from some of the negative energy online.”

Fans are looking forward to Swift's album. It will be interesting to see if she can surpass Adele and Beyonce.

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    JWSWJ Apr 6, 2017 8:13 AM PDT

    I thought she just might be out of sight because she was hiding in shame for being such a lying tramp. I guess thinking that she had developed a conscious was too much to hope for.

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