Taylor Swift Praises Jameela Jamil For Promoting Body Positivity

Taylor Swift Praises Jameela Jamil For Promoting Body Positivity
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In an interview on Beats 1 Radio on the 30th of October, Taylor Swift explained how she feels women's bodies are being criticized less these days thanks to the efforts of influencers such as Jameela Jamil. The 29-year-old Artist Of The Year sent props to the 33-year-old influencer, for the way in which she has stood by her views, especially toward women's issues.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on the 30th of October, the singer dished on Jamil who has been at the forefront of the body positivity movement, which encourages the public, as well as women to not focus on the body types of others, but instead, focus on their behavior and character.

In the interview, the singer thanked God for the #MeToo movements as well as the other moments in which society has been looking at themselves as well as the supposed "internalized misogyny." The singer referred to Jameela Jamil as "amazing," for supporting the idea of not caring so much about how you look.

Furthermore, the singer-songwriter explained what it was like to become a big star in her early twenties, a time when many of her fans and the media focused more on her dating life, rather than her talent or music.

The Lover artist stated that back when she was a bit younger, around age 23, the media would make slideshows of her dating life, including people she had once sat beside. According to her, it almost seemed like the message they were sending was that her art was more of a trick rather than a skill she worked hard on.

Swift stated it was a way for people to minimize the accomplishments of others while at the same time do what everyone likes to do in their "darkest moments:" slut-shame. These days, however, thanks to the efforts of people like Jameela Jamil, it seems a lot easier to be a female artist.

According to Taylor, she can now look at her early twenties and feel as though her dating life was completely normal. As most know, Jameela has been very outspoken regarding body positivity and other issues, especially in the case of the Kardashians.

In fact, on multiple occasions, Jamil has criticized the efforts of Kim, Khloe, and Kris Jenner for promoting things that aren't FDA-approved, including "diet teas."

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