Taylor Swift Is Finally Ready To Step Out With Her New Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift Is Finally Ready To Step Out With Her New Boyfriend Joe Alwyn
Source: etonline.com

Taylor Swift Managed to keep her relationship with Joe Alwyn a secret for months. Now that she has got a new album coming in November there's a new report which claims that she is finally ready to introduce her boyfriend to the whole world!

Taylor is back with brand new music and with global chart domination . She is now reportedly getting closer to making her romance with Joe public after dating undercover for a few months.



'It’s been Taylor’s M.O. to be seen with a new guy first, have her new single drop and then announce her new album. But this time, she has kept the man private. And that’s kind of interesting. She really likes Joe,' an insider told Us Weekly.

Taylor dropped her first new single in ages with Look What You Made Me Do on August 24, and it immediately went number one worldwide.

Just a few days prior she announced that her sixth studio album Reputation would drop on November 10.

As a result, 'Expect to see them step out together really soon,' the sourced continued.

'Taylor knows the buzz around her just began, and she’ll want to continue that before her album drops.'

'One way is showing off her new love. He’s a good prize and is supportive of her career choices. She’s very happy,' concluded the same insider.

We can’t wait for them to decide that it's time to step out in public as a couple finally.



Until now, we have only seen pics of the couple taken by paparazzi. For instance, the two of them were photographed back in June laughing and having coffee on a balcony in Nashville.

Some rumors were saying that Taylor might make an appearance at the August 27 VMAs where her video for LWYMMD dropped, but she was a no-show.

'She didn’t want the media to ask about him. She’s enjoying her private time,' the magazine’s source says. They can't hide forever, and we'll just have to wait patiently for them to come out in public finally. Are you anxious about seeing Tay and Joe officially stepping out as a couple?


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