Taylor Swift Had Multiple Chances To Buy Her Music Catalog -- Gets Called Out For Playing Victim Once More

Taylor Swift Had Multiple Chances To Buy Her Music Catalog -- Gets Called Out For Playing Victim Once More
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Taylor Swift has a history of making grand announcements when she feels she is being treated unfairly which would be bold and brave of her to do if there wasn't always another side to the story that seemingly proves that her truth was not the whole truth. This is exactly what's happening in the latest feud between her, Scooter Braun, and Scott Borchetta.

In a scathing Tumblr post, Taylor expressed her feelings over the fact that Scooter Braun, who she accused of years of bullying, acquired Big Machine Records and now owns the rights to her entire catalog when she asked in the past to buy them back.

She also suggested that she found out at the same time as the rest of the world about the acquisition.

A new report from Page Six says that the country-turned-pop star had months to inquire about buying her master recordings.

It reads: 'Swift was offered the opportunity to buy her master recordings but 'walked away' from the songs in October 2018, after a 10-month negotiation over the sale of Big Machine Records to mega manager Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings.'

This report also comes after Scott Borchetta released text messages that proved that she had advance notice that her records were being sold but decided to, in Taylor's own words, 'bet on the future.'

The message read: 'Scott, I hope this finds you well. Since communication ran dry on our negotiations, I’ve done what I told you I would do and gone out exploring other options. Owning my masters was very important to me, but I’ve since realized that there are things that mean even more to me in the bigger picture. I had a choice whether to bet on my past or to bet on the future and I think knowing me, you can guess which one I chose. I also saw a rare opportunity to effect positive change for a lot of other artists with the leverage I have right now…Taylor.'

The insider that spoke with Page Six explained that Swift was playing the victim yet again.

'She decided to walk away. In the 10 months since, she hasn’t reached out once so how passionate could she have been about them?'

What do you think about this messy deal?

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