Taylor Swift Doesn't Regret 'Standing Up' To Scooter Braun After Purchasing Her Music's Rights

Taylor Swift Doesn't Regret 'Standing Up' To Scooter Braun After Purchasing Her Music's Rights
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Taylor Swift made some really shocking claims about famed star manager Scooter Braun after he purchased the rights to her entire music catalog. But while her post was received with mixed reactions, some of her fellow musicians choosing to defend Braun, Swift regrets nothing!

The superstar considers that she simply stood up to the bully in the story and has ‘zero regrets.’

As you may know, this past weekend, Taylor took to her Tumblr account to call Scooter out after learning that he owns her whole career now.

She had a lot to say and nothing good!

Taylor claimed she went through ‘incessant’ and ‘manipulative bullying’ from Scooter Braun for years so when she found out he has the rights to her music, she was ‘grossed out.‘

What happened is that Scooter purchased Big Machine Records, her former label and Taylor claims she was not ‘given an opportunity to buy’ her music back from them before selling the company to the manager.

On the other hand, the label’s founder, Scott Borchetta, claims he did, in fact, text Taylor about the deal with Braun before it was official.

In the end, one source tells E! News that ‘No matter what Scooter or any of his people may say, Taylor believes he did this just to hurt her. She wants the truth to come out. She was furious and still is. She's so upset and has zero regrets about making this public.’

Taylor ‘feels really strongly’ about this which is why she doesn’t care much if she’s making more enemies by calling Braun out.

‘Taylor doesn't care if she has enemies and if all of Scooter's friends support him. She knows what his intentions are and why he did this. She has her friends who will stand by and support her, too.'

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