Taylor Swift Dishes On Kim K Feud And How The Mass 'Public Shaming' Affected Her

Taylor Swift Dishes On Kim K Feud And How The Mass 'Public Shaming' Affected Her
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Taylor Swift opened up to the outlet, Vogue, and revealed her feelings toward her infamous feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Years later, Taylor still thinks about the controversy which led to much emotional turmoil.

During a conversation with Vogue reporters, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter discussed some of the hatred she received online when her feud with Kim and Kanye came to fruition back in 2016. Kardashian referred to Swift as a "snake" on social media, which led to the formation of several hashtags looking to "cancel" her.

The Cats actress said to the outlet that having millions of people trying to "cancel" you online is a "very isolating experience." Swift stated in the interview that people sometimes forget that celebrities and others are human beings and when there are millions of people making similar vitriolic comments, the effects of it can be quite devastating.

Fans will remember the controversy in which Kanye referred to Taylor as a "b*tch" in his song, and Taylor took Kanye to task on social media for using the word.

It was at that point when Kim referred to Taylor as a snake, and Kim showed several SnapChat videos in which Taylor appeared to give the 42-year-old rapper permission to use the lyrics in the song.

Later, it was revealed that Taylor did give permission to use certain lyrics in the song, however, Kanye changed them after the fact. Kim recorded their phone call allegedly to make Taylor look bad.

Taylor said to a reporter from Vogue that she realized there was a fundamental change she needed to make because her life at that point felt as if it was completely "out of control." Thankfully, things have changed a lot since then, with Kim and Kanye as well.

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Kim said to the host of Watch What Happens Live that she and Taylor and everyone else involved in the feud had "moved on."

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