Taylor Swift Deals With Stage Malfunction Perfectly - Check It Out!

Taylor Swift Deals With Stage Malfunction Perfectly - Check It Out!
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The singer is a true professional! Taylor Swift encountered a little malfunction while on stage, and she handled it perfectly!

Sometimes, things like this just can’t be prevented no matter how much people prepare beforehand.

But while the occurrence was out of everyone’s control, the performer’s reaction wasn't.

During Swift’s second Philadelphia tour stop on Saturday night, Taylor was being transported from one stage to another while she was trying to sing Delicate.

However, amid the performance, something nobody expected happened, catching everyone by surprise.

The superstar realized she was actually stuck but managed to joke about it anyway.

‘I'm pretty sure I'm stuck up here. It is a nice view though. What you saw was me going straight up and down in this sparkly basket. It is supposed to take me to the other side of the stadium. I've another flying thing across there that works apparently. Or wait! So there's people talking in my ear..’ Swift explained to the concertgoers before apologizing for the concert turning boring.

Instead of having the time the staff was working behind the scenes to fix the issue be dull for the fans, however, the singer started to perform acapella two of her hit songs, Wildest Dreams and Our Song.

And while the malfunction could have ruined their experience, in the end, it did the exact opposite.

As Taylor was singing with no backtrack, the fans in attendance started singing along, creating a truly memorable moment.

One concertgoer by the name of Pedro Garcia took to social media to explain that ‘This is the first night they have a technical difficulty of such caliber and she mastered it!’

Thankfully, the issue was fixed pretty quickly and thanks to Taylor’s approach, it did not feel bothersome at all.

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