Taylor Swift Claps Back At Sexist Question About 'Settling Down' Now That She's Turning 30

Taylor Swift Claps Back At Sexist Question About 'Settling Down' Now That She's Turning 30
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The singer is not a big fan of double standards! After she was asked what can only be perceived as a sexist question during a radio interview with Germany's RTL, Taylor shut it down immediately!

Taylor Swift has been teasing the projects she’s currently working on, touched upon her former relationships and discussed her Reputation era.

However, one topic of discussion she’d rather not have thrown her way is starting a family and basically ‘settling down,’ whatever that means.

The question that bothered her was related to her turning 30 years old.

Is that age a ‘turning point’ in her life? Is Taylor ready to get married and have kids?

‘I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30. So I am not going to answer that question now,’ Taylor pushed back against the sexist inquiry.

She did however talk about the milestone, but from another point of view.

‘I hear others say that one in his thirties no longer has as much stress and anxiety in life as in my twenties. And I can join in the observation that we are in our twenties looking to gain experience, try things out, fail, make mistakes,’ she reportedly said.

This is not the first time she reflects on turning 30, however.

The superstar previously released an op-ed via Elle magazine in which she revealed the 29 things she learned in her 29 years of life.

Judging by her clap back to that sexist question, one thing she has definitely learned is that marriage and motherhood are not mandatory and they definitely aren’t a race against time for men or women!

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