Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Engagement Rumors Heat Up As He Shuts Down Reporter Who Asks About Her

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Engagement Rumors Heat Up As He Shuts Down Reporter Who Asks About Her
Source: E Online

A lot of secrecy surrounds Taylor Swift’s romance with Joe Alwyn. Even amid rumors of an engagement, Swift refuses to talk about the relationship while Alwyn always finds a way to skirt around the subject.

But that has not stopped the engagement rumors from heating up.

In a new interview with GQ , the actor was asked about how things are going with Swift. Alwyn did his best to avoid the question and admitted that he likes to keep his personal life private.

Alwyn was then asked about his favorite Swift song, which prompted him to respond, “I'm just not even going to go into that side of the world.” This, of course is not the first time Alwyn has been grilled about his pop star girlfriend.

Back in September, Alwyn acknowledged that fans are eager for information about how their relationship is going. He also admitted that they like to keep their romance quiet and have been successful in that so far.

Prior to the most recent interview, reporters asked Alwyn about Swift’s political stance. The actor, who appears in The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots , said that he thinks it is “great” that Swift is taking a stance and that it is “important.”

Aside from that, Alwyn has been very quiet about the romance.

Although they have kept things tightly under wraps, it is clear that things are going well for the couple. The two have interacted with each other several times on social media, including when Swift tagged Alwyn in a post promoting his latest film.

Fans were also treated to a video of Alwyn smiling proudly as he watched Swift perform at a concert.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn may not talk about their romance in public, but it is clear they are stronger than ever. Whether or not that means an engagement is on the horizon, however, is yet to be seen.

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