Taylor Swift And Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Had A Secret London Vacation: She Wants To Get To Know His Family

Taylor Swift And Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Had A Secret London Vacation: She Wants To Get To Know His Family
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The fact that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are keeping their relationship out of the limelight does not mean that it is not a big deal. Taylor reportedly made a recent trip to bond with Joe's family in England.

She seems really serious about him at least she is serious enough to go and take a secret trip to the UK with her British boyfriend so she could get to meet his family.



When you are as famous as she is, it becomes quite difficult to keep your whereabouts secret, but this time it looks like the pair managed to keep their vacation hidden by reportedly staying at Taylor's friend, Cara Delevingne.

'Taylor made the trip to England to spend time with Joe’s family and friends, and Cara offered to have them at her place in Chiswick,' a source said in an interview with The Sun.

'Obviously, Taylor can stay at the world’s swankiest hotels, but that’s not really her bag.'

The insider also explained why Taylor is working so hard to make her relationship with Joe more private than her previous relationships.

'She’s trying to keep a low profile with Joe, and staying with Cara has let her do that,' the insider said.

'Instead of being stopped by fans for selfies, they’ve been able to come and go entirely unnoticed.'

Of course, privacy is essential in any relationship but especially in one between two celebrities.

'Things are getting serious between them, and Taylor wants to spend as much time getting to know Joe’s world as possible,' the source added. 'They can’t get enough of each other.'



This trip came right after Joe went to Nashville earlier this year during the summer to meet Taylor's family as well.

It is pretty obvious that this looks like a serious relationship. It's great that Taylor is doing fine in the romance section, as we have recently learned that she has some troubles due to being sued after claims that she ripped off 'Shake It Off. '

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