Taylor Swift Accused Of Trying To Copy Beyonce -- Is This Really A Big Deal?

Taylor Swift Accused Of Trying To Copy Beyonce -- Is This Really A Big Deal?
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Fans of Beyonce were quick to jump on Taylor Swift after her Billboard Awards performance, which many claimed was a cheap attempt to copy the style of Jay-Z's wife.

The performance did have some shared points with what fans saw from Beyonce, although it did also have its unique style.

Most notably, a marching band was involved, similar to the presentation used by Beyonce in her Coachella show last year.

Many fans have taken issue with this situation and are not at all happy with Swift as a result.

Social media has been pretty hot with comments about the singer and accusations of plagiarism, with some even going as far as to insult her on a more personal level.

Others have been more supportive of the country music superstar, claiming that the situation has been blown out of proportion and that she does not deserve all this negative attention right now.

The singer has still managed to deliver a strong performance in front of her audience and received a round of applause, so it is clear that at least the people in attendance enjoyed what she had to show.

The negative comments are still coming out though, and it looks like Beyonce has a strong, active fan base ready to jump to her defense.

The singer herself has not commented on the situation although she has been relatively quiet on issues like this one in the past, making it unlikely that fans might see a response from her on something as minor as this incident.

One Swift supporter stated: "And they also say is she trying to compare with Beyoncé like why would Taylor compare herself with Beyoncé when she already is THE TAYLOR SWIFT! Her name is enough."

A member of the Beyhive responded with: "Absolutely no comparison in my book. Bey drop culture. Especially southern culture. Remixed southern old hip hop tunes and incorporated them into her music. They got Beyonce, a great performer out of it. I got HBCU battle of the bands, school dazes, NOLA SECONDLINE, crazy in love mixed with drop it like it's hot and more."

A person seeking to find common ground added: "No rich people in these comments right now. What does that tell us guys? We need to log off and go get to some money 😂😂😂😂😂😂."

Did Swift steal from Beyonce?

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