Taylor Swift Accepts Apology From Nikki Glaser After The Comic Said She Was 'Too Skinny'

Taylor Swift Accepts Apology From Nikki Glaser After The Comic Said She Was 'Too Skinny'
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This Friday, Nikki Glaser wrote an apology letter directed toward Taylor Swift after the comedienne referred to her as "too skinny." Nikki Glaser was actually featured in Taylor's new documentary, Miss Americana , in which she referred to Taylor as "too skinny."

Page Six reported that Taylor took to her social media account and said, "Wow, I appreciate this so much." Paraphrasing the rest of Swift's comment, the pop-star explained that part of the theme of the documentary was to show how people can grow, change, and learn from past experiences.

Swift expressed gratitude for Nikki Glaser's apology and her own experiences being body-shamed, and then she wrote, "sending a massive hug." As it was previously reported, Nikki wrote an extensive apology letter in which she explained how she was really just projecting onto Taylor.

Glaser wrote, "this quote should be used as an example of 'projection' in Psych101 textbooks." Additionally, Nikki explained that if Taylor knew anything about her stand-up routines, she'd know that she also struggled with eating disorders for approximately seventeen years.

Nikki joked, albeit somewhat seriously, that she was probably just feeling fat that day and needed to lash out at someone. Fans of Swift know that she just dropped a brand new Netflix documentary titled, Miss Americana , which has been in the media several times this week.

Moreover, Miss Americana was first referenced in the summer in relation to Swift's feud with the Big Machine Records buyer, Scooter Braun, who's also Justin Bieber's manager. Braun, through his company, Ithaca Holdings, purchased Swift's old record label and took all of her master recordings along with it.

A few months later, Swift took to her social media again to accuse Big Machine Label Group of telling her she couldn't perform any of her classic songs at the American Music Awards, and also couldn't use any of it for her upcoming documentary.

Miss Americana was just released this past week, and it also featured Swift's political thoughts on Marsha Blackburn, who later won the position in the Senate.

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