Tasha K Reveals Name Of Wendy Williams' Estranged Husband's Baby's Name With Sharina Hudson — Watch Video

Tasha K Reveals Name Of Wendy Williams' Estranged Husband's Baby's Name With Sharina Hudson — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Tasha K/Twitter

Tasha K is spilling the wine on Thursday night. With a live stream that went viral and had 20,000 people in the chat room, she revealed the name of Wendy Williams' estranged husband Kevin Hunter's baby's name with Sharina Hudson. According to Tasha's live stream and her source, the baby's name is Journey Hunter and was born on March 22, 2019. This has not yet been proven true, but many people feel that Tasha K breaks news first and many are trusting this information.

According to Tasha K's live stream that you can see in the video player below, Kevin (whose birth name is Kelvin) Hunter is moving Sharina Hudson out of their current residence and to a safe location where she should be kept away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Tasha K went viral in the past week when she interviewed singer Aveon Falstar who alleged he had a gay affair with Kevin Hunter in 2018. Kevin Hunter denied the allegations via an attorney statement given exclusively to Page Six.

You may see Tasha K's exclusive reporting in the video player below.

(Please be aware that offensive language and some topics contained in the following video may be disturbing to some viewers.)

Wendy Williams filed for divorce from Kevin "Kelvin" Hunter after nearly 22 years of marriage after rumors he had a secret baby with Sharina Hudson flooded social media. Some reports suggested Kevin Hunter and Sharina had been in a relationship for over a decade.

Many of the reports are still based on allegations that have yet to be confirmed publicly by either Wendy Williams or Kevin Hunter, however; Wendy Williams has publicly spoken about filing for divorce and moving forward with her son Kevin Hunter Jr.

Some feel that Wendy Williams won't go through with the divorce as her life with Kevin Hunter is financially tied, but other sources have come forward to suggest Wendy is ready to hire experts who will ensure that she and her son are well protected and can move on to live their best lives possible.

What do you think about Tasha K's exclusive reporting about baby Journey Hunter? Do you think Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter will go through with the divorce?


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