Tarek El Moussa Says He's 'So Excited About Life' With Fiancee Heather Rae Young!

Tarek El Moussa Says He's 'So Excited About Life' With Fiancee Heather Rae Young!
Credit: Source: today.com

While his former wife is getting another divorce, Tarek El Moussa is actually thriving in his new relationship. The Flip or Flop star is currently engaged to Heather Rae Young and amid the news that Christina and Ant Anstead are separating, Tarek took to social media to gush that he is living the dream by being with his fiancée!

Not only that but he is so happy that he wants everyone else in the world to experience that sort of feeling!

This is what the star told his followers on social media alongside a pic of him and Heather Rae Young in a furniture store, lounging on one of the couches there.

As for the message he included in the caption, it reads: ‘I think that we found the perfect couch for our new house today!! Okay… it might not seem exciting but to me it truly is! We found a ton of other stuff too and I cannot wait to show you! I don’t know… I am just so excited about life!!’

He went on to list some of the main reasons why he feels so happy and blesses lately and made sure to also share some words of encouragement with his followers.

‘I’m in love, I am engaged, Flipping 101 is on air and Flip or Flop is on the way. I am telling you… it is possible to accomplish those things that you have been dreaming of! I dreamed of this life and got it by believing I could do it and just working my tail off!! If there's something you want just go for it! I am yelling at you to chase your dreams! It is possible! If you really want it, go for it! One step at a time. Now… what have you been dreaming of? Tell me! Tell the world and go do it!’


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