Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Ruby Red Hair Color In New Photos As She Launches TPH By Taraji Hair Care Line

Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Ruby Red Hair Color In New Photos As She Launches TPH By Taraji Hair Care Line
Credit: Source: Taraji P. Henson/Instagram

Taraji P. Henson has been blowing up social media with her gorgeous hairstyles. First reported by Ron Collins, Taraji was giving off Ariel the Little Mermaid vibes with her long red hair and she's been showing off even more looks with the ruby red color. As Ron reported, Taraji has been doing her own hair color and hairstyles and there's a good reason for it. The Oscar-nominated actress almost went to cosmetology school and loves doing hair. In fact, she excels at it so much she started her own hairline TPH by Taraji.  Not only is Taraji going viral for her hair color but also the various styles which have ranged from ultra-long braids to short and sleek looks.

In an interview with USA Today, Taraji explained how she became an actress and how a twist of fate prevented her from becoming a hairdresser. She also went into great detail about her experience doing hair.

Taraji stated the following to the outlet.

"I tried to get into cosmetology school because simultaneously I was doing my own hair, doing hair, doing my girlfriend’s hair, and I was working with Marcel hot curling irons and stoves and pressing combs – I had a full-on salon in my room, what I could afford at the time. I was known for hairstyles, haircuts, and it was always known “Taraji got a new hairstyle, y’all!” and then next thing you know, somebody was running to the mall trying to get the same hairstyle. I tried to go to cosmetology school and I went a year too late, and I think that was God intervening – because had I gotten accepted, I’d probably be a world-renowned hairstylist and not an actress. I finally found my way back to acting when I failed precalculus, thinking I could be an electrical engineer, and then I went back to Howard for acting. While I was in college, I would do wet sets for money because I was broke, and everybody always loved how my wet sets came out. I would do wet sets for $20 in my dorm room, and I just always had a thing for hair."

You may see the full report below.

Here are some of the looks that Taraji has shared with her 15.7 million Instagram followers.

Under the lights, Taraji's hair looked different colors under the lights and the hue ranged from fuschia to ruby red.

In the photo below, Taraji showed off a side view where she had placed a variety of rhinestone pins in her hair with words such as "love," "girls," and "queen."

Here is a video of Taraji modeling her long twists.

As many people are social distancing and can't get to the hair salon, Taraji is looking gorgeous and doing her own hair!

What do you think about her different hairstyles?

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