Tanya Sam Reveals That The RHOA Cast Trip To Greece Got Really Heated Up - It Was 'Crazy!'

Tanya Sam Reveals That The RHOA Cast Trip To Greece Got Really Heated Up - It Was 'Crazy!'
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Tanya Sam teased some of the most dramatic moments on the new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, including the cast trip to Greece! About this, she said that it was really stressful and that ‘things really heat up’ between the ladies!

During an interview for HollywoodLife, Tanya dished that ‘There are some little crazy moments in Greece. You could see things really heat up between the girls. I think I was like, ah, in a panic then. Yeah, I would say Greece was pretty crazy. That was a good one. But really and truly, you get to see going back and forth with the ladies and stuff.’

She went on to add that ‘I appreciate the friendships that I’ve made because it means that when you look back on things you’re like, wow, it’s really nice to see that people truly have your back. And those friendships are becoming really solid. If you like a big fight then you will see. There are clips that were out that they’re kind of teasing in the mid-season teaser where you see me literally freaking out like, ‘Everybody stop,’ trying to get control of the ladies.’

Of course, the reality TV star did not spoil the names of the Housewives involved in this huge fight in Greece but still managed to hype it all up for the audience.

But, naturally, the trip was not only drama and explosive arguments and Tanya still managed to enjoy the luxurious trip.

You may be aware that they went to the Greek Islands, famous for their crystal blue water and blinding white sand so there was no way the ladies couldn’t be peaceful for a while at the sight of such relaxing beauty.

The Canada native gushed that ‘All in all Greece is an amazing time. We do have a really great time….’

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