Tana Mongeau Says She Wants To Get Back With Bella Thorne

Tana Mongeau Says She Wants To Get Back With Bella Thorne
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According to a report from Teen Vogue, Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are throwing their fans and followers into a bit of curious frenzy after they shared their conversation on Twitter for all the world to see.

Reported first by Just Jared Junior, Bella went on her social media on the 6th of June, Thursday, to share a conversation they had in which the actor wrote, "R u trying to hang?" Tana reportedly wrote back that she didn't know why Bella was texting to her, other than for the reason to say "hi."

Bella wrote in the caption of the screenshot, When "she's so confusing," also adding at the same time a bunch of emojis to capture all of her emotions. Funnily enough, fans could see Bella had approximately 551 unread text messages, a fact social media commenters just had to point out.

Tana then threw a message in response, "TAKE ME BACK, how's that for not confusing?" In September of 2017, Bella and Tana's names were linked for the very first time and approximately one month later, the pair celebrated Bella's birthday as an item.

During the same month, they seemingly confirmed they were dating as well, with Tana referring to the actress as her "bae." In February 2019, Tana and Bella shared the news of their breakup with the world when Tana said to her fans and followers that Bella "changed her life forever."

Thorne wrote on her account as well, "Tana and I aren't together anymore, please stop asking, we love you guys." These days, other rumors have flourished, including the Jake-Paul/Tana dating possibility.

Fans of Bella know that she was linked to the rapper, Lil' Peep, who died two years ago from a tragic overdose. He is just one of many to suffer that fate, including fellow rapper, Mac Miller, who died in August of 2018.

Mac died from a lethal drug concoction just a few months after Pete and Ariana confirmed their engagement. However, Pete and Ariana broke up soon after as well, with some people on social media suggesting Pete was merely a rebound.

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