Tamron Hall's Sweet Looks Outshine Paris In Vacation Picture -- 'TODAY' Show Fans Still Want Her Back

Tamron Hall's Sweet Looks Outshine Paris In Vacation Picture -- 'TODAY' Show Fans Still Want Her Back
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Tamron Hall shared a picture from her vacation in Paris, France earlier this year and fans cannot decide between the stunning view and the reporter's looks.

In the photo, the former host of the TODAY show is wearing a gorgeous coat and adjectives like beauty, intelligence and grace were used to describe her.

Others called Tamron a beautiful person and said she has what it takes to compete with the breathtaking streets of Paris.

Supporters of Tamron will finally get their wish -- she will be returning to daytime television with her own one-hour talk show.

She said the following: "At one point in time, I was doing the Today Show, MSNBC, hosting Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks and appearing on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. When I thought about what I wanted to do next, it seemed logical to bring all of those things to one spot. I love all of the things I have done on television, why not try to bring all of them to one show?”

One fan replied: "Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful woman!!!! Tameron Hall!!! Greatest Success yet for you!!!❤️❤️😘😘🎊🎉🌹Miss watching you on the Today Show! I sure God had elevated you someplace else! Change is good even when we don't understand why."

Another commenter had the following reaction: "Now that’s a room with a view! I miss my Paris! You look stunning, and your coat is beautiful!😊seeing the Eiffel Tower is an added bonus! Morning TV is Nothing without Tamron Hall🙌🏽🌟 OMG! That coat is everything! Where can I get that coat from? I need that! I stopped watching the Today Show a few years back, when I started again, you were missing.... one of my favorite people to watch. Hope you are well... missing your smile in the morning!Blessings Queen♥️."

This third person claimed: "I know you don't know me and I don't know you other than through TV, but I miss you Tamron. You look beautiful as always.regardless it does not matter what color they were it was a heinous crime, and it was obviously a premeditated crime if they thought ahead to bring bleach and rope. Justice please for this beautiful human. I have vowed, that this year I WILL enjoy my world like you do... no excuses, no regrets, and absolutely NO toxic people!!!"

A fourth lady wrote: "Girl give me that coat! 🎈🎉Bad azz coat ya sportin lady. You are looking foxy and beautiful. It was so warm here in Virginia. Happy New Year to you and yours God bless may he continue to give you peace and joy in Jesus name."

Tamron is a true star.

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