Tamron Hall's Son, Moses, Is Already Very Fashionable In New Picture As He Celebrates 5 Weeks Old

Tamron Hall's Son, Moses, Is Already Very Fashionable In New Picture As He Celebrates 5 Weeks Old
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Tamron Hall has been swimming in motherhood bliss since the arrival of her first child -- a baby boy named Moses.

This week, the former co-host of the TODAY show and wife of Steve Greener took to social media, where she delighted fans with a sweet picture of her baby boy who is now 5 weeks old.

In the photo, Moses is wearing a cute onesie and is admiring a series of toys. The happy mother used the caption to say her baby is her sunshine and is eager to start counting.

She wrote: "Happy Friday Baby Moses 5 weeks strong!! A toy for each week? He can’t count lol #mosesandmama #sonshine."

One fan told the new mother: "Look at God. I don't know you, and yet I'm still so happy for you. As a 46-year-old hoping to get pregnant, you inspire me so much! Thanks for sharing your story!❤️I’m so happy for you! Congrats again and again! It’s just the most beautiful time. ✨✨✨"

This follower claimed: "Count and read to him. His brain is a sponge until he’s 5 years old! You are blessed and have worked so had for these days. Enjoy each moment 💕Beautiful Family!❤️"

This fan explained: "Absolutely precious! Congratulations again, sweetheart. I can see that you are over the moon! He is so precious treasure each moment each hour with him because they grow up so fast. I'm sure you have inspired many women... myself included. I'll be 35 this year, never pregnant, and I'm already considered being "elderly" in medical terms for wanting to have children at my age... aka high-risk! It's very dishearting to hear that label. 😔 But Goes to show you should never give up and the doctors don't get the last say!🙏 Enjoy motherhood! You look great, and your baby is so beautiful!💜💜Thank you, God, for this gift of life. Amen!🙏"

In a new interview, Tamron said she had “tried fertility procedures” in her 30s, and it did not work out.

She revealed “At one of the first fertility clinics, it was so eye-opening. I walked in, and there were probably 200 women going in and out.”

At the age of 48, she tried again, and her miracle baby was conceived.

She stated: “You’re smacked with the reality of ‘You’re not alone,’ but it didn’t feel empowering. It felt sad because I thought, ‘We’re not alone, but we’re all still holding on to some hope that some of us will have to give up along the way.’“

Her supporters are over the moon.

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