Tamron Hall's Latest Baby Bump Picture Has Some Fans Confused, Wondering If She Is Pregnant Again

Tamron Hall's Latest Baby Bump Picture Has Some Fans Confused, Wondering If She Is Pregnant Again
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Mama Tamron Hall is already missing being pregnant. The wife of Steven Greener and former host of The TODAY show took to social media where she posted a stunning picture of her bare baby bump.

In the photo, Tamron is wearing a bra, and her belly can be seen next to the crib of her son, Moses.

According to the respected journalist from Texas, the picture was taken just four days before she gave birth to her baby boy.

Tamron explained: "#tbt I still can’t believe it. #mosesandmama photo credit 📸 Papa 4 days before he said “I’m comin’ out” lol @tamronhallshow"."

Many fans congratulated her on her sweet bundle and a few thought that Tamron was announcing baby number two.

One person said: "Congratulations Beautiful Healthy mother and Beautiful Healthy babyđź’•Beautiful! Moses is blessed to have you as his Mommie, and you are so blessed to have him as your son.
Did you guys plan it or did it just happened? An older woman is asking here!"

Another commenter stated: "He is the blessing, but you are the vessel of that blessing. You were preparing all your life for this moment. Moms always do. Believe it Tamron, believe it! Such a happy event! Now you have a beautiful family with a loving husband and a wonderful and cute baby son."

This backer shared: "Truly a miracle! My miracle baby boy is now 11, and I'm still in awe! Enjoy every precious moment! I thought it was no. 2 already. Lol!"

In a recent interview, Tamron explained why she waited to announce her pregnancy: "People mistake privacy for secrecy, and I wasn't keeping a secret. I just so desperately wanted it to work out. I wanted to share the news, but I didn't want -- honestly I didn't want -- if it did not work out I don't think I was mentally prepared to tell people," she continued. "I had had other failed rounds of IVF, and you tell your friends, 'Okay, this is it. This is it.' And it doesn't happen, and I wasn't. Honestly, I don't know if I was strong enough, to be able to share the sad news."

The respected TV anchor will launch a new talk show later this year and she seems excited by this new venture.

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