Tamron Hall's Baby Boy, Moses, Finds Himself Competing With A Bird In Hilarious Video

Tamron Hall's Baby Boy, Moses, Finds Himself Competing With A Bird In Hilarious Video
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A few days after baby Moses celebrated his first birthday, Tamron Hall's son found himself going head to head with a bird!

Via Instagram, Tamron posted a hilarious video that has now gone viral. The clip features her son, Moses, crawling towards her little bird named Jojo, who seems to be an expert in social distancing.

Moses seemed to be interested in becoming Jojo's friend and play with him, but the bird was not having it and kept walking away as fast as he could.

The TV host captioned the video: "Jojo teaching Moses social distancing. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Back up, Baby. #lockdown but finding laughter. #bestfriends @tamronhallshow from home."

The lighthearted moment touched and captivated fans who jumped in the comment section to post sweet messages.

One person cheering for Jojo and asking Tamron for a second child had the following to say: "On the move. Wait until he starts walking. 😊Moses needs a little brother or sister to play with instead of Jojo.😂🤗🙌👏🏾"

This social media user has decided to praise Moses for his efforts: "Look at him dragging those little legs...lol cute. He is enjoying this 😂thanks for sharing your beautiful son with us❤️
Should put sound on. Baby laughs cure-all ills!❤️❤️"

Another commenter revealed: "Moses, leave that bird alone before he peck you😂. They are too cute! What type of parrot is JoJo?! His colors are beautiful!!!"

This backer shared: "it is called Meyer’s Parrot 🦜😉I loveeeee it!!!! JoJo loves Moses because he never lets anyone get that close to him lol 😍😍😍😍😍. And the floor gets dusted too!!!.. What a deal!... Love you, Tamron!.. Have a wonderful day and stay safe, love your posts💖😎...Dennis."

Recently, Tamron revealed that she had to become a self-sufficient mom who had to bake and decorate for Moses's first birthday.

She shared a photo of the pretty cake she made and captioned it: "My first made by mama birthday cake!! Go to @tamronhallshow to see the backstory. Oh, this is not the cake Moses ate today. Let’s just say the frosting did not mask the taste. It was made in with love but not enough butter, flour, eggs, and milk.🤣🤣"

Moses has indeed taken over with all that adorableness.

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