Tamron Hall Skips 'Today' Show Gossip In Empowering Speech About Resilience

Tamron Hall Skips 'Today' Show Gossip In Empowering Speech About Resilience
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Tamron Hall is all about positivity and empowerment - which is why she recently took part in an event in Tennessee where she made it clear that she did not want to talk about the rumors and scandals that led to her exit from the "Today" show.

Instead, she focused on the many women and men who inspired and molded her - they include her mother, Mary Newton, and her grandmother whom she never met and grandfather, Louis, also known as “Paw-Paw.”

In past interviews, Hall explained Newton, the last of out of 10 children, lost her mother when she was ten years old.

Hall shared on numerous occasions that her grandmother, who did not even have a birth certificate and barely knew how to read and write, was strong, loving, courageous, and a provider.

Moreover, those qualities were passed on to her mother who pushed her children to do great things.

Hall said: "She would say, 'I would go without so you could have.' My mother said, 'Look, I had five pairs of underwear. I would go in the morning and work in a bakery, and then I would work in a factory and still try to get and education all for you.'"

She also talked about her grandfather who raised ten children as a single dad and told her when she was just a baby that she was destined for greatness, (a fun fact, he also wanted to name her Margaret Mae Hall).

The Texan reporter confessed: "My grandfather didn't know a woman could be this successful. He didn't know a black woman could be this successful. So, the idea that I could be on a national news and represent my family and people and community. I guess if there's a legacy, it's theirs."

As stated above she declined to talk about her days on NBC and concentrated on the wonderful women she met on the network.

She shared: "It's why I am able to stand up in any storm. It's because women--like the women who are here rooting for me--and most important, they're fighting for every kid, kids they have never know, women they will never meet, but they're fighting for them so it's very special. It makes me emotional."

Fans want to see Hall back on television as soon as possible.

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  • Marion Lee Shepherd
    Marion Lee Shepherd May 15, 2017 8:55 AM PDT

    Dear Miss Hall, You are a true inspiration to women. Please let me say I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your sister. I use to watch The Today Show, never again. The way Anne Curie, Natalie Moralis, you were done is unspeakable to me. I love you on the ID channel. I am obsessed with true crime shows. My best friend was murdered in Leesville, South Carolina in 2009. No one has ever been charged. I am excited to hear you have something else in the works. My two adult daughters love you as much as I do!! You show them how it is done!!! We are praying for you!!

  • A.R.J, III
    A.R.J, III May 14, 2017 6:14 PM PDT

    Love you, Stay strong my Sister. I still watch the show, it's not the same, The 9:00 show is suffering for your light, continue to shine your light. God ain't dead, wish I could have met Paw-Paw. You are an inspiration to me.

  • Tychinna Pratt
    Tychinna Pratt May 14, 2017 7:03 AM PDT

    Tamron, stay strong my sister. You are truly a role model, not to just black women but women everywhere. Keep you head up and we will continue to support, pray and uplift you.

  • Von
    Von May 13, 2017 10:42 PM PDT

    Tamron, I really miss you! You were absolutely perfect for what you were doing. There's a spot for you that has your name deeply engraved . Your brains, beauty, genuine smile and substanative character will be the basis for your next prosperous move. This I truly believe!

  • Casandra R STEELE
    Casandra R STEELE May 13, 2017 4:32 PM PDT

    Tamron Hall, you're the result of smart women & men who recognized that the future of a nation depended on imbueing their progeny with a vision that excluded circumstance as an excuse to fail. Rock on!

  • Amanda
    Amanda May 13, 2017 2:56 PM PDT

    I'm glad NBC made the change. Tamarons made every segment about her in one way or another on the Todsy show. A true journalist is the frame for the story and I always loved Katy, Meredith, Paula, and many others who were excellent storytellers and made watching the Today show an ego free experience.

  • Virginia
    Virginia May 13, 2017 7:05 AM PDT

    Hi Tamron.Please stay strong.l am so proud of you.You do not kiss up to others which proves you can be yourself.Thanks!

  • Francina
    Francina May 13, 2017 5:52 AM PDT

    Tamara you are so so great and yes your grandfather was right on point when he said you are destain for more greatness and thank you because silence speaks voulum. And. I cant wait to see you on tv full time again your are great!!!!!!!!! #miss u.

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