Tamron Hall Shares The Reason Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret - Talks Having A Baby at 48!

Tamron Hall Shares The Reason Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret - Talks Having A Baby at 48!
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The TV personality got candid about the reason why she kept her pregnancy under wraps during a new interview. Furthermore, she also discussed becoming a mother for the first time in her 40s and also, returning to her talk show.

Tamron Hall’s new daytime show has a motto that she seems determined to follow: ‘We all have a story to tell, so let’s talk about it.’

That being said, she did not hesitate to do just that, opening up about becoming a first time parent alongside her husband Steven Green.

The two of them welcomed a baby boy named Moses back in April.

The public however, had no idea she was expecting until she was already 32 weeks along.

‘I kept my pregnancy a secret for a long time because, like many women, I was afraid that I would have a miscarriage and then have to go back and tell everyone what happened. My doctor told me I was a high risk pregnancy due to my age and other medical factors, and I’d had other failed rounds of IVF, so I was nervous. I was worried about having to go through that painful process if things didn’t work out,’ she dished during an interview for HollywoodLife.

She went on to talk about IVF, saying that ‘Everyone’s journey is different. Not every doctor or procedure that worked well for me, or a friend or a colleague, will necessarily work well for you. Everyone’s path to parenting is a unique and individual experience — whether you choose IVF or adoption or having a baby through a surrogate or becoming a step-parent.’

The procedure is pretty harsh on the body and can really play with a future mother’s emotions so the journey of having a baby via IVF is very difficult most of the time.

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