Tamron Hall Shares Thanksgiving Photos -- Her Sleeping Uncle And Pretty Feet Stole The Show

Tamron Hall Shares Thanksgiving Photos -- Her Sleeping Uncle And Pretty Feet Stole The Show
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All did not go well for Tamron Hall during the epic Thanksgiving meal she had planned for her entire family in Texas, but her fans were thrilled to see the funny and somewhat messy situations she got herself in.

The former host of Today revealed that her mac and cheese took forever to cook and she spilled some on the kitchen floor.

People applauded her cooking skills and her sexy toes. But, the best part was Tamron's uncle who became a famous Internet meme.

The reporter shared a hilarious photo where the man fell asleep on a chair as he waited for the big feast to begin.

Tamron had this to say about her poor uncle: "I am so wrong for this... Uncle Henry ???. I love being home. #texas #family. My uncle is a meme. ??"

She shared this about her meal: "Now which one of yall saw my mac&cheese video on “put a root “on me lol!! Jealous it looked so good now on the floor ????."

Fans are going crazy over Tamron perfect feet and toes.

One person said: "Tam, put your shows on sister. Don't want your lovely feet messed up by broken glass or knives. Everyone’s favorite uncle!?Bet he wolfed that Mac and cheese down looked so amazing! In my family, it’s the kids who are waiting with a fork in hand for the Mac and cheese! He loves and is proud of his niece. Memes are the best way to show your love. Loving that apron! I’m not much of a cook, but I’ll cook just to wear that adorable apron!"

Another commenter stated: "Tamron my mom and I always loved you on NBC...shes 92 years young. Now that I follow you in Instagram I must show her you and your beautiful face.??????If your kitchen is spotless on Thanksgiving, you're not a good cook and as my GM would say "something wrong" Happy Thanksgiving to ya pretty toes."

This fan shared: "Uncle Henry-like, it's not ready yet, Tammy? What's taking so long!! It must be the bomb cause he got his hands crossed as we use to in class when the teacher says if you good you can go outside ? happy turkey day to all there's nothing like family."

A fourth follower claimed: "Man this happened tonight....everybody brought something, but somehow we missed the Mac and Cheese. Your uncle is assuming the universal position for all uncles during the holidays...And yes I was looking at your pretty, purple, sexy Feet, also, Princess!! Hee, haha!"

Indeed along with perfect hair, sense of fashion; now the world learns that Tamron's feet are gorgeous.

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  • Lee
    Lee Nov 25, 2018 6:05 PM PST

    You are very very sexy .........head to toe

  • Kevin
    Kevin Nov 25, 2018 4:56 PM PST

    Missing you on the today show. Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful as always!

  • Help us All
    Help us All Nov 25, 2018 4:33 PM PST

    Wow, she is a beautiful lady, and so lucky to have dated Lawrence O'donnell.

  • Andrea
    Andrea Nov 25, 2018 11:04 AM PST

    You so relax I pray your life is good I miss you at the Today Show. You have such a beautiful spirit.

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