Tamron Hall Shares A Photo Where She Is Being A Supermom To Baby Moses; But Her Fans Sparked A Debate For This Reason

Tamron Hall Shares A Photo Where She Is Being A Supermom To Baby Moses; But Her Fans Sparked A Debate For This Reason
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Mama Tamron Hall is all about juggling her business and being a mother, and she has decided to demonstrate that with her latest photo.

The Texan reporter recently took to social media, where she delighted fans and sparked a debate on race with an innocent photo.

In the picture, the TV host is on the phone taking care of business while he baby boy Moses is running around in a walker about to get I in trouble, and she cleverly stopped him with one foot.

The multitasking mother captioned the post: "When the people on the other end of the team Tamron work conference call have no idea who is really the boss. #bossbaby tamfam. Stay safe! Love y'all."

One person made this remark about Moses' skin tone: "Wait is my Moses getting a little Café latte hue....lol, love you guys!"

Another commenter wrote: "Yeah, girl, he's getting a Lil hue☺ All 3 of mine were like that. Youngest didn't get any color until he was 3 yrs old❤️. you wouldn't understand leave it alone, live your life & wash your hands!"

A third follower stated: "Why the color of the skin is relevant?"

This observer chimed in: "Certainly don't want to argue with you about race, but I want you to know that I have been subjected to ethnic discrimination in the country from where I emigrated to the US. So, I understand your issues, and I feel terrible about them. I just wish racial and ethnic discrimination ends in the US."

A fifth follower added: "Yo you are rocking your baby with our foot and on conference call?!?! ...that is true gansta and boss lady 😊."

Recently, Tamron sat down with good friend Gabrielle Union where she explained how she is balancing it all.

She said: "People keep asking me how I’m balancing everything, and I say, “Honestly, I’m not.” Recently my husband and I were at this little beach house with Moses for a weekend, and he said: “Maybe I’ll stay for the week with the baby and the nanny while you go back to work.” My heart and lungs were like, “That's a terrible idea!” Of course, my husband is fully capable—he’s Moses’s dad!—but I'm only human, and the idea of leaving my son for a week while I went off to work felt truly terrible. So our whole family packed it up and went back to the city together. [Laughs]"

Tamron is doing well with motherhood.

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