Tamron Hall Posts Sweet Picture And Says Her Water Will Break Soon -- Fans Pray For Safe Delivery Of Her Baby With Steven Greener

Tamron Hall Posts Sweet Picture And Says Her Water Will Break Soon -- Fans Pray For Safe Delivery Of Her Baby With Steven Greener
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Tamron Hall is about to go in labor any day now which is why fans have been sending her tons of prayers and positive vibes as she gets ready to enter into the beautiful world of motherhood.

The former co-host of the TODAY show and wife of Steven Greener took to social media and she posted a gorgeous picture where is wearing a white dress.

Tamron said she is now nine months pregnant and has been spending a lot of time researching terms like going in labor, water break, and baby dropping.

The mother-to-be had this to say: "I’m really smiling inside. I promise!! Meanwhile, I’ve googled “water breaking” “Baby dropping” a million times today. Whatever happens, it was worth it to present the @safehorizon #Champion Voice of Courage Award to @donlemoncnn Baby due any DAY yasssss."

She added this in another picture with CNN's Don Lemon: "Behind the scenes!! @donlemoncnn just received the @safehorizon Voice of Courage award, and this is how we celebrated. #southernchildren always having fun. My honor to present to my Darling Don well deserved."

Fans and supporters are wishing Tamron well and holding her in their prayers.

One person said: "Yes, baby is coming! You got this. The joy in your life will multiply! Congratulations my friend!Whatever happens ... if water breaks... damn everything else and get your behind to a hospital. 💚💚💚💚."

Another stated: "I wore adult diapers the last week in massive fear of it happening at any time 😂May God be with you and baby during delivery 🙏👼You are the cutest! God bless you and yours."

This mother gave Tamron some advice by writing: "That pregnancy glow is everything! Radiant! Be prepared for things ppl haven’t told you. I have three kids my water never broke on its own the doctors always had to break it once I reached 7-8 centimeters. Childbirth has so many unexpected events throughout labor so just prepare for the unexpected. Congratulations again. You should feel a “pop” inside of you and leaking fluids. Not necessarily fast, but wet.💙 "

The third note read: "Wow, any day!? You dont look 9 months pregnant!! Yay! I am wishing you all the best with the arrival of your precious lil one! May you have a fast delivery and a safe and quick recovery! Keeping you and the baby in my prayers! Good luck!"

All the best, mama Tamron!

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