Tamron Hall Posts New Photos Of Baby Moses And Explains Why He Has A Crush On Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia

Tamron Hall Posts New Photos Of Baby Moses And Explains Why He Has A Crush On Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia
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Baby Moses -- the son of Tamron Hall -- already has a crush on Gabrielle Union's daughter, Kaavia. Tamron and Gabrielle are very close friends -- the actress portrayed the reporter in the hit show, Being Mary Jane .

This week, Tamron took to social media and posted a sweet picture of her infant son looking cute as a button in a Shady Baby outfit.

Kaavia, also known as Shady Baby, has her nickname splashed on baby items of clothing designed by her mom.

Tamron used the caption to say: "Winking at my #WCW. Thank you @kaaviajames for the cool Shady Baby Tshirt #shadybaby. Tell mom @gabunion and dad @dwyanewade my crush is innocent. Baby love #mosesandmama #sonshine"


One person said: "I can’t even. Too much handsomeness. So he likes older women, huh? And she’s already got a job....good pick Moses 😋😍😍😍😍😍😍Moses. I love his name because there are strength and wisdom in his name."

This follower revealed: "Take that black off him and put some soft blue or yellow....he look grown. Oh, my goodness!! This is perfection!! I want a snuggle!!"

Another backer shared: "He got a kick out of whatever you said 😂Moses is absolutely perfect, so adorable in his #shadybaby gear💕."

This supporter stated: "💜He’s adorable! So happy for you 💜💜💘💜💜. He looks like her man ...old and white.... !!! I said what I said."

In a recent interview, Tamron said this about husband, Steven Greener: “My story is not one I could’ve ever written or expected. I never thought I’d have to lose everything to gain even more, but I lost my spot, and I gained a husband who roots for me. A beautiful baby boy who looks at me like I’m his entire world and not just his milk source, and I have a phenomenal daytime talk show team who every time we’re on the phone, they just want the best for me, and I want the best for them.”

She added: “It’s just great. But two-and-a-half years ago when I walked out of that building in black patent leather boots and a black-and-white jacket, I was in a fog. I thought, ‘Wow, is this how it goes down?’ Not knowing that so many of us lose things we think are important, and you have no idea that something better is right there. You’ve just got to persevere.”

Tamron seems to be very happy.

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  • Mary
    Mary Jun 8, 2019 11:08 AM PDT

    Tamron, Don't worry, you are beautiful and MOSSES, love the name, is a wonderful gift from G-D. MEAGAN KELLY WHO? ❤

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