Tamron Hall Opens Up About 'The Battle' With Kelly Clarkson And The 'TODAY' Scandal Caused By Megyn Kelly

Tamron Hall Opens Up About 'The Battle' With Kelly Clarkson And The 'TODAY' Scandal Caused By Megyn Kelly
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While there have been some rumors about a possible feud between Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson recently, it does not look like they were substantiated at all.

Recent reports indicate that both stars are actually on quite the good terms with each other, and there has been no bad blood between them at all.

It is not even clear how the rumors started in the first place, as both seemed confused over allegations that they might be feuding.

Tamron’s new talk show started on a high note too, with a special congratulations to Kelly Clarkson, making it evident that there was no feud between them at all.

Hall stated that she would not allow herself ever to be put in a position where she is pitted against another woman. And she seemed to mean it, too.

Hall, who was pitted against Megyn Kelly, confessed: “There’s not a head to head. Anyone who would write, ‘oh there’s a battle’ is merely looking for a headline. Kelly Clarkson will have a phenomenal show, and I’m not just saying that I’m saying that because I’m a fan of hers on American Idol, and she’s a fun-loving person.”

Hall also talked about he gig on the TODAY show by saying: “On the outside, it looked like it was all together. ‘Look at her; she’s walking out, her head up.’ My head is never going to be bowed, but I had to pray not to be broken… We are not the biggest job we’ve landed. We are not, even with motherhood, I love my son … [but] even he is not the total sum of my journey … I’m not Tamron from the Today show. I’m Tamron.”

And with that, she has managed to kill the rumors surrounding her and Clarkson and has made it clear that she has nothing against her talk show host.

She added that anyone implying that there is anything wrong between them was thirsty for a headline, reaffirming everyone that if there was ever a feud between her and Clarkson, many people would know quite fast.

Hopefully, that does not ever happen though, as it looks like the two could do something interesting together in the near future if they combined their efforts.

For now, they have each been working on their productions, and with quite the success too.

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