Tamron Hall Opens Up About Getting 'Fired' By NBC - 'Inside I Was Falling Apart'

Tamron Hall Opens Up About Getting 'Fired' By NBC - 'Inside I Was Falling Apart'
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Tamron Hall revealed that NBC fired her! On Monday, her new talk premiered on ABC and Tamron took this opportunity to share her truth while chatting with her audience.

As you may remember, Hall decided to leave NBC News after they canceled Today’s Take back in 2017.

She used to co-host it alongside Al Roker but the network canceled the show in order to give Meghan Kelly an hour on Today.

That did not last either, however!

Tamron recalled: ‘I go into work one day and I left fired. 'Demoted' I guess is what they call it. I called it fired. Inside, I was just falling apart. I'd worked since I was 14.’

She also revealed that after, she started receiving a lot of different offers, including from Harvey Weinstein.

But after she started working on a new show, his whole sexual assault scandal exploded and he called to tell Tamron that the project was over.

At the time, she was celebrating the anniversary of a domestic violence shelter so she remained positive by thinking that ‘If they can get up, I can get up.’

Last month she opened up about her exit from Today as well during an interview with ET.

She told the outlet at the time that: ‘I think it was being willing to be vulnerable, willing to say it was embarrassing, that it hurt, that I was on the mat, but having people around me to say, 'You do not have to stay down.’ And that is what our show is really about. At your lowest point, you are not the only one going through that.’

Tamron went on: ‘If we can talk about these things, if we can inspire and laugh… to just be real and to admire each other’s journeys, to admire each other’s successes and to be there together through the tough parts of life and talk about it in a real way, you have got yourself one hour!’

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