Tamron Hall Looks Glamorous In New Photo Shoot With Baby Moses, TV Host Gets Raw About Being Mom-Shamed

Tamron Hall Looks Glamorous In New Photo Shoot With Baby Moses, TV Host Gets Raw About Being Mom-Shamed
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Tamron Hall and her baby boy, Moses, grace the cover of the latest issue of Parents magazine. The TV host and her son are featured in a cute photo shoot that is accompanied by a very powerful and honest interview about being a working mother.

Tamron told the publication that she is not ashamed to leave baby Moses to go host her show.

She confessed: "I don't feel bad about saying goodbye to Moses. It's the reality of being a working mom. I also love my job." The journalist went on to praise her mother, Mary Newton, who travels from Texas to babysit Moses.

She also spoke about delegating to her husband: “I recently said to my husband [Steven Greener], ‘Do you think those paper towels just magically appear?’ I have this ‘I can handle it all’ attitude, but I’m trying to stop. Not as a punishment to Steven, but as a lesson to myself. I have a partner and should pass off some of the household management.”

Tamron revealed that she makes time for her son by working from home on Fridays: “I try to arrange my calls during his naps, but it’s a juggle. I used to feel guilty for using my phone around him, but I can’t put my team on hold because I’m playing with my son, right? That’s not fair to them either. So I just keep calls quick.”

She also got real and revealed the only reason why she would leave her job: “I also love my job. I mean, if I hit the Powerball, would they hear from me again? Probably not. But I try not to focus on the leaving part too much. I just give Moses a kiss and go.”

The new mom shared a few photos from the shoot with this caption: “It’s not the load that breaks you down, and it’s the way you carry it” -#lenahorne. Whether you are a parent, hoping to be a parent, I’m cool not being a parent or a powerful, loving Mentor ... whatever your lane, it belongs to you, not “them."

One fan replied: "You make it look so glamorous to be a working mother 💫 🙌👏."

Another commenter claimed: "Gorgeous and flawless 😍😍
I knew it from the very first moment I saw you on that morning show. She's got It ... humility and all. The best must rise, to serve and enjoy (with dignity and respect). Blessings to you and yours, my dear."

This backer revealed: "I am so proud of you, Tamron🤗!!! Keep on going higher and higher!!! You are an inspiration to me, and I am certain you are too many, many others too!!! I love this picture of you 🤗!!! I think you look so beautiful👏🏼👍🏼!!!"

Tamron is finding success amid the recent changes.

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