Tamron Hall Is Fed Up With Working Mother Shamers

Tamron Hall Is Fed Up With Working Mother Shamers
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Reported first by Us Magazine, it's been approximately two months since Tamron Hall gave birth to her son, and she's already getting sick of the busy-body social media commenters who criticize her every move as a working mother.

On the 30th of July, Tamron Hall released a clap back post on her Instagram following a social media user who insinuated Tamron was leaving her kids all alone with no mother to raise them due to her hectic work schedule. The former host of the Today show, in a post you can see below, took the user to task.

The author posted a message in which she praised all of the moms out there for the work they do, including the stay-at-home moms as well as the working mothers.

It was back in March of this year when the Tamron Hall show host announced she and her man were expecting a child.

She and Steve Greener revealed a video on Instagram in which the pregnant star danced along to the supremely popular YouTube song, "Baby Shark," while also holding her pregnant stomach. And one month afterward, the baby finally arrived and the television show host stated she couldn't wait to show him off to the world.

Tamron and Greener, who works in the music industry as an executive, got married one year ago in 2018 a source who spoke with Us Magazine explained. According to Tamron's Wikipedia page, she was born on the 16th of September, 1970 in Luling Texas.

In the past, Tamron worked as a national news anchor for NBC News as well as an anchor on MSNBC. She hosted MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall and was a co-host on Today's Take, which is the third hour of Today. Now, she hosts Deadline: Crime on Investigatio n for the Discovery Channel.

Tamron recently secured a deal for her own syndicated television show which begins airing on September 2019.

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