Tamron Hall Has The Most Handsome Co-Host Ever, And These Videos Prove It

Tamron Hall  Has The Most Handsome Co-Host Ever, And These Videos Prove It
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Like millions of people stuck at home, Tamron Hall is chilling at her New York apartment with her family. Tamron has been forced to film daily episodes of her talk show on Instagram much to the delight of her fans.

Almost every day, Tamron has an extraordinary guest on her show --- her adorable baby boy, Moses, who always steals the spotlight.

Tamron also has her dog and bird on camera. Tamron thanked her fans for tuning in.

She wrote: "Thank you for joining us today for @tamronhallshow on Instagram Live. Tomorrow is the last day Moses will be my cohost!!!!. See all of you 1:30et Big news ahead. Grateful to keep our #tamfam community talking during this unimaginable time."

She added: "See all of you today for our live Instagram show at 1:30 PM/ET on @tamronhallshow. It will keep me off @tiktok and from doing this to my baby and my pets. Join us for the latest news and information and a little fun. All the things we bring @tamronhallshow! See you soon!"

One person replied: "Please [email protected] apologize for Moses’s binky. It is [email protected] him to use it at this age! You two are adorable doing the show together. Happy Birthday, sweet one!"

This backer revealed: "You and Moses made my day. I am so happy to see all of your hard work payoffs. I have followed you since before you were on the today show."

This follower shared: "He’s so adorable, and you’re a gorgeous mama much love enjoy your sweet boy ❤️Moses is the cutest. I have a ten-month-old baby girl, and she reminds me of him so much 💕 Wow look at Moses getting around look for watch you live Tamron I have been tuning in every day. I love your show."

Another social media user explained: "During this time, Moses is what we all need, but mama knows best. Bye Moses. He is so cute. It’s fun just to watch grow up."

A fifth comment read: "Where do you live that allows a parrot and a goose? I lived in Manhattan, east 83rd off second. Yonkers, NY, and now in Westchester, Eastchester, NY, no animals allowed."

Tamron has found a way to expand her brand in the past year.

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