Tamron Hall Had The Messiest Mother's Day Ever According To This Photo

Tamron Hall Had The Messiest Mother's Day Ever According To This Photo
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While it was a bit odd, it was still a very special Mother's Day for Tamron Hall, who celebrated with her adorable son, Moses.

The Texan reporter took to social media, where she posted a few heart-melting photos that are also hilarious thanks to Moses, who knows how to steal the spotlight in every photo and video.

In one photo, Tamron is suffering because baby Moses did not find anything to do but to stick his hands in her mouth.

While in another picture, Moses, who started to eat by himself, decided to, of course, splash the food all over his face, clothes, and his chair.

Tamron penned a few sweet messages to all the mothers, grannies and aunts out there who are caring and loving children unconditionally.

The TV host wrote: "Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandma's, mamas, aunties, "play mamas" (a southern thing), mentors, and women who help our children rise. It's not always pretty, but the love is real. (Even waking up to this is joyful) #mothersday #momlife"

She added: "Happy Mother's day to an incredible mom and a granny!! You have five grandkids who adore you beyond words and two children (my brother taking pic in mirror )who are grateful for every drop of love and wisdom you give us. To the lady in the hot pink...mama, you are simply the best(cue Tina Turner with those legs). I miss you. 🙏🏾We will all be together soon. This, too, shall pass. #mothersday"

One fan replied: "Wishing my Fairy Godmother an Uber Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for your love, loyalty, and support! 🙏🏾😘"

Another commenter explained: "Awwww! That SMILE is EVERYTHING. What a happy baby Moses is 😍😃My mom would sit us in the chair topless and put an old sheet under the high chair lol."

This follower had this to say: "Oh, I remember that phase. I helped y son ALOT 'cause I couldn't stand the mess! Lol. Their food always ends up being face and hair mask as well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. But I love it!! Lol.... he's got to start somewhere; as imperfect as it may be at the moment to us, it's perfect for him.👏👏👏"

Tamron seems to be living her best life with this cutie pie by her side.

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