Tamron Hall Gets Honest And Raw In New Video About This Insane Rumor That Has Been Spreading About Her

Tamron Hall Gets Honest And Raw In New Video About This Insane Rumor That Has Been Spreading About Her
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Tamron Hall has taken to social to address the wild rumors circulating online. It was reported by several media outlets that the Texan reporter recently had a zoom session with the staff members of the Tamron Hall Show where a "bloodbath" took place.

It was claimed that Hall fired around 20 staffers -- while "securing bags" for herself and living her best life.

According to an insider, who spoke to the Daily Mail , the 18 staffers, who lost their jobs, were surprised and angered.

According to Page Six , many of the employees, who were booted, were replaced with former Oprah Winfrey producers, as part of the changes taking place with new EP Candi Carter.

Hall has decided to respond to some of the criticism in a video where she explained: "That story that I did not pay 20 people and fired them and left them hanging is a lie. We didn't fire 20 people. Our season was supposed to wrap June 5, and I fought to have the extension of the season to June 25. My creative team was paid through the pandemic and through the extension because I wanted to keep pushing and keep putting out stories that matter to you."

Hall went on to say the new season of the show will be "better" and added: "Like any other show, like any other product, people make changes, and we did -- after the season had wrapped. Not during, not while. So this notion that I ran off securing bags, it's not true. It is absolutely not and the notion that I've abandoned people, it's not."

She also had this to share: "But I have a right, and every person who runs a company, owns a company, has anything that is yours, you have a right to make it better. An email sent to the staff, but not to me, has been brought to my attention. Whether you express things anonymously or face to face, we want to listen."

One fan replied: "Wonderful response, you can't please everyone all the time but please everyone most of the villain."

Another commenter claimed: "Oh so many times the leader is made out to be the villain.. I know this oh too well... as a business especially during these times you have to make changes and adjustments. Not everyone will be happy. The goal is to make a decision and the best decision for all concerned... so keep striving in what you do, at the end of the day the truth will prevail! 🙌🏾"

Did Tamron do anything wrong?

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