Tamron Hall Claps Back At Mom-Shaming After Posting This Photo Of Baby Moses -- She Promises To Do A Talk Show Like No Other

Tamron Hall Claps Back At Mom-Shaming After Posting This Photo Of Baby Moses -- She Promises To Do A Talk Show Like No Other
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Tamron Hall is one fed-up mother, so she is letting it be known. The former co-host of the TODAY show is saying enough with the mom-shaming in an Instagram post that has now gone viral.

This week, Tamron shared a sweet picture of her son, Moses, and used the caption to say she is missing him.

Tamron is busying filming her new talk show.

One person went after Tamron for being a working mother, and she clapped back: "I am so sick of this. Can’t wait to discuss 9/9/19. This mom shame lameness is so corny and toxic. Fyi my “poor baby” is right here with me, and when he’s not he is in the loving arms of Dad, Granny, Nanny ... yes, I have a wonderful woman who helps me. My mom had her sisters and other women help her too. No shame in women helping women. Knock it off with this nonsense. Let’s talk about it @tamronhallshow. Oh and don’t call this a “rant” from Tamron. It’s a reply and one I would say face to face."

Fans of Steve Greener's wife defended her.

A supporter replied: "Good that you feel the need to explain. However, mommy shaming will not stop. You can talk about it until you turn blue. The best way to deal with ignorance is to ignore personal attack’s. They are meant to upset you, and that’s jealousy, and you can’t stop it. No matter how long you talk about it. I know it’s a topic for you to discuss on your new show, but I wouldn’t give it much fuel."

Another follower explained: "Oh a sneak peek that this will not be a saccharine, fake daytime talk show, I love it! You’re a real woman, facing real challenges and you’re going to SHARE with us, but if they get out of line......❤️😭 #CantWait #NotYourGrandmasTalkShow."

This backer revealed: "Baby Moses will be just fine. In my career quality over quantity of time spent with kids worked out really well and my daughters got some good life lessons over it. 💪🏼He’s gorgeous Tam! Thank you for talking about this issue. I get mom-shamed often by my family. I’m in the Military, so I have to leave my babies for work a lot, not that I want to, but a girl must pay the bills and provide. I had an Aunt tell me one time I need to stay home raise my damn kids and that I wasn’t a good mother because I was away at training after she agreed to “help” me and watch them. I thought I could trust her. Instead, she talked about me like a dog. I wasn’t in the streets, not partying, and I was away at training doing my duty. Scratching my head at that one. Mom shaming is real, and it needs to really stop just because women choose to have a career and kids. In this day and age, we need 1,2,3 jobs and a side hustle to provide. It takes a village so our kids are safe and provided for so we all can be successful. Keep doing what you are doing! A great example to us all Momma! 🙏❤️🙌🏼"

Tamron can always count on a very loyal following.

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  • Rayar Johnson
    Rayar Johnson Jul 31, 2019 3:21 PM PDT

    @tamronhallshow 09/09/19 Reply from mother of four: You have no time to fuel the haters. Reduce your stress. Show them better than you can tell them. Congratulations

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