Tamra Judge Shares How She'll Stop Quarantine Over-Snacking!

Tamra Judge Shares How She'll Stop Quarantine Over-Snacking!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Tamra Judge is not planning on letting the current quarantine deter her from staying in shape. That being said, the Real Housewives of Orange County knows how to stop herself from over-snacking while stuck at home!

As fans may know, Tamra owns her own gym so she’s always been in shape.

But, just like many others, she was a bit worried when the shelter in place order was given and asked herself whether or not she could stick to her healthy diet.

While she’s been spending her time in isolation unpacking, since the pandemic happened right when she was moving houses, being at home all the time is really unusual for the RHOC star.

After all, the business owner is normally really busy!

But now that she’s in isolation, she has noticed that she’s begun to eat a lot more than usual, purely out of boredom.

During an interview for HollywoodLife, she revealed how she is planning on sticking to her healthy living and stopping her over-eating tendency these days.

First of all, she revealed what she has been watching in quarantine saying that ‘I just finished watching, and in fact I missed a few episodes, because I was unpacking as I was watching it, but of course Tiger King. That is some crazy stuff.’

Then, the news outlet also wondered about her home workout routine and she dished that: ‘I’m able to go to my gym whenever I want because it’s empty since we closed down. However, it’s just been so busy with moving and being in boxes that it’s been pretty hard to get there. But I try to take walks every single day. Starting Monday I’m back on schedule.'

Tamra then mentioned that even more importantly, she is trying to watch what she eats.

‘Just two days ago I was like, you know what I can’t do this anymore because I’m at home so much I’m not used to it and have just been eating, eating, eating. So I made up some ziplock baggies with little snacks in them. Things like rolled up turkey and cheese and grapes and vegetables. So whenever I get hungry or want a snack I go to the fridge and get something already prepared. That makes it easy to eat healthy,’ she dished.


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