Tamra Judge Claims Shannon Beador Ghosted Her & Vicki Gunvalson After They Left RHOC

Tamra Judge Claims Shannon Beador Ghosted Her & Vicki Gunvalson After They Left RHOC
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So much for the Tres Amigas! Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has revealed that after she and Vicki Gunvalson announced they were leaving the Bravo reality series after 12 seasons and 14 seasons, respectively, Shannon Beador ghosted them.

Judge recently told Entertainment Tonight that she has moved on to a new chapter in her life, and in hindsight she realizes she needed a big change.

"It was just such a huge change, but I always knew that this day was gonna come," explained the CUT Fitness owner. "I mean, being on TV for 12 years is a gift. I didn't go to school, to college or, you know, [get into] acting, and to be on national television for so long is, it's really given me a huge platform. I opened up two businesses, there's a lot of good that's come out of it. So, I can't really complain."

As soon as Gunvalson and Judge announced their respective exits, the third member of their Tres Amigas group - Shannon Beador - started hanging out with their enemy Kelly Dodd. That didn’t sit well with Gunvalson and Judge, who immediately unfollowed Beador on social media.

Around that time, Beador posted a cryptic message about “fake friends” being like shadows because they always follow you in the sun, but leave you in the dark. Judge now admits that Beador’s post was about her, and she revealed that the post hurt her feelings.

Judge says that Beador was the one always telling her last year to avoid Dodd, but all of the sudden Beador stopped returning phone calls and started hanging out with the one person Judge never expected.

Judge says that she and Beador used to talk multiple times every single day, but that’s not the case anymore. She explained that when she texts and calls Beador now, she gets no response, and that hurts her feelings. The Vena CBD owner also claimed that Beador stopped talking to Gunvalson as soon as she announced her exit in January.

"As soon as we're not on the show anymore, she just doesn't have any time for us anymore and it really just kind of hurts my feelings," said Judge.

She went on to say that she always felt like Shannon Beador was her friend after she helped her through a divorce and spent hours in the middle of the night answering phone calls. But then, when both Judge and Gunvalson went through hard times amid their exit from RHOC , Beador was nowhere to be found.

Tamra Judge admits that Shannon Beador might just need time to adjust to her new normal, but she wishes she would just call so she knows what is wrong with the woman she thought was her best friend.

"I love her to death," said Judge of Beador. "I love her like a sister. You know, we’ve gone through ups and downs before."


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