Tamika Scott Denies Xscape Is Breaking Up - What About Kandi Burruss?

Tamika Scott Denies Xscape Is Breaking Up - What About Kandi Burruss?
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As you may already be aware, reports about Xscape breaking up again after their brief reunion have been going around. But now, Tamika Scott decided to open up about the band’s future, claiming that they are working hard to give their fans great music.

Then what about Kandi Burruss? Will she find time for the group?

Ever since Kandi made some weird comments while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Xscape’s future has been pretty uncertain.

Tamika took to social media to explain everything.

‘Xscape, as a group is definitely working hard to give our fans an ultimate night to Remember performance for our Great Xscape Tour, with all Four original members. As dysfunctional as we look behind the scenes, we’re working as mature women to rebuild our friendship / and working relationships,’ the singer wrote, tagging all of the members in her post, including Burruss.

Scott admitted, however, that strengthening their friendship again will not just happen overnight.

In the end, she assured fans that the group will definitely not disappoint them and thanked them for the huge support.

But does that mean that Kandi’s plans have changed, and now she wants to work with her fellow band mates on music?

As you may remember, she mentioned during Andy’s show that the other three ‘are doing the music. I mean, I am going to do Broadway and some other things, and they are going to be working on music.'


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  • Beverly
    Beverly Nov 16, 2017 1:41 PM PST

    Why does Kandi have to always wear a dress or a top with her breasts falling out? To me she looks like she is looking for attention, she must have quite a few insecurities. Does she notice in this group she is the only one?

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