Tami Roman Lists Things That Should Be Left In 2020 -- Called Out For Insensitivity Towards Tamar Braxton Who Responds

Tami Roman Lists Things That Should Be Left In 2020 -- Called Out For Insensitivity Towards Tamar Braxton Who Responds
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Tami Roman took to social media to say what she wants to leave in 2020. Her tweet instantly got people chatting.

'Not trying to be mean but things I don’t want to hear about in 2021... Meg & Torey, Tamar suicide, How Lil Baby cheated Jayda and Rihanna album... let these people heal & Rihanna been said f*** us with the music, let it go.'

Many people thought that Tami's post was insensitive to Tamar.

'D*** the Tamar thing was a lil insensitive ... Tami gotta grow up,' stated one.

'This would have been find without mention of “Tamar’s suicide [attempt].” Poor taste. Not everything we think needs to be published,' said another.


This person added: 'I think she is being insensitive to tamar's suicide attempt.'

Another social media user wrote: 'Okay but the way she said Tamar suicide so casually is honestly disrespectful.'

Even Tamar herself got in on the action with a Nene Leakes quote: 'Now why am i in it?? see what they do? I ain’t even said nothing....'

Roman took to Instagram to explain that she just wanted to spread the message to let people heal in peace. She says that every time Braxton posts something, there are comments under her upload referencing her suicide attempt. She added that she wrote suicide because she ran out of Twitter characters.

Meanwhile, Tamar knew that it was not a post that was meant to be offensive because she and Tami Roman are friends in real life.

Toni Braxton's little sister also explained that her quote came off as shady because she was on pain pills after having surgery and didn't realize that it could've been received as her finding Tami's post offensive.

Speaking of her operation, Tamar celebrated the new year in bed.

She shared a video of herself in good spirits alongside a caption that read: ' I’m in the bed cause on the 23rd I had emergency “female” surgery... (I’m fine) ... BUT!!... although I don’t drink much anymore, I had to take a shot with my girl for the successful things that has happened since all of my “BIG losses”My sis Fanny said it best.. “sometimes you have to loose to win again” ..... im so grateful to continue to WIN and be positive.'

It's great to see that Tamar and Tami are on the same page.

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