Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Is Not Bothered By Wendy Williams' Butt Implants Dig As T.I's Feud With TV Personality Escalates

Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Is Not Bothered By Wendy Williams' Butt Implants Dig As T.I's Feud With TV Personality Escalates

T.I. always finds a way to embarrass his wife of seven years, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, when she is trying to lay low and get her money. In July, he inserted himself in the fight between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

The result was brutal; the sock designer revealed to the world that the "No Mediocre" rapper paid Chyna for a threesome with Tiny. Moreover, he did not perform impressively during the encounter, allegedly, of course.

This week, he decided to throw shade at television personality Wendy Williams for no apparent reason. The father of six did not find anything better to do than to post unflattering photos of Williams in a bikini and pretend that he was not going to judge her physique as she does to other celebrities on her show.

It was all subliminal, but Williams got the message clearly and did not wait too long to strike back. The former radio personality called T.I. "short," but reserved her biggest dig for the Xscape singer who was not involved in the feud in the first place, at least publicly.

Williams stated: "T.I. referenced my lack of behind. I wanted to say ‘I could buy one like your wife and so many people have done.’ I could buy one any day. It is flat."

Well, 41-year-old Tiny is taking the high road for now. It is not like she had five million options in front of her. Williams can be a fierce brawler when she wants to.

A source close to the mother of four shared: "When Wendy dragged her into the mix by bitching about her butt implants, Tiny was just like, eye-roll. She really wasn’t fazed. She has been completely open about the plastic surgery procedures she is had; she owns it, so she could not care less what anyone says."

The insider added: "She knows it is all part of Wendy’s on-camera bitch schtick, but still, it was not Tiny who dissed her, so why is Wendy throwing shade?"

It is evident at this point that T.I. should stop talking when it is not necessary, Tiny is often the one feeling the pain for his mistakes.

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  • Margo Mays
    Margo Mays Sep 16, 2017 8:16 PM PDT

    Oh boy! they all in a mess Tiny should dump TI if it's the only thing he can do is disrespect his wife now in public ?

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