Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Has A Great Plan For The Summer Season And T.I. Will Probably Love It

Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Has A Great Plan For The Summer Season And T.I. Will Probably Love It
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Tameka "Tiny" Harris seems to be doing fine with her diet, as she is quite determined to get in shape for the coming summer season.

Many have been curious to find out how the singer and reality TV star maintains her body, and it looks like she is not shy about sharing some of her tips either.

Despite already being 43, the wife of rapper and activist T.I. has managed to maintain an appearance much more impressive than several girls half her age, and it does not look like she has any plans to let go of that anytime soon.

According to the Xscape diva, she prefers to eat fish rather than regular meats, following a pescatarian lifestyle for the last two years.

She told Hollywood Life: "Honestly, semi-pescatarian [now] because I just started eating meat a little bit. I feel like a little bit of anything in moderation is okay. don’t really eat out."

However, she has admitted to cheating on her diet a few times, as she could not resist the temptation to eat meat occasionally.

She added that having a baby has made this even harder on her.

However, now she is planning to turn things up to the next level, as she’s going to hit her workout sessions hard.

She was quite into boxing some time ago and has been considering getting back into it.

Tiny explained: "I do plan on working out a lot because I wanna be summertime fine. I was boxing, and I do want to get back into boxing [again] and working out more. — That’s the plan. I’ve done this before, and I showed myself that I could do it. So, I know later, if I ever want to do it again, I could do it."

It is impressive that someone can still manage to find so much energy in their life at the age of 43, but different people end up seeing their lives in different ways at that stage.

According to Tiny, she should have no problem meeting her fitness goals over the next couple of months and will be ready to greet the summer in style.

It is not her first rodeo, after all, so she should have the ability to get this done.

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