Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle Might Anger T.I. With Scandalous Outfit At Nightclub Amid Reconciliation And Bernice Burgos Rumors

Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle Might Anger T.I. With Scandalous Outfit At Nightclub Amid Reconciliation And Bernice Burgos Rumors
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Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle, also known as Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and T.I. are apparently doing their best not to go through with the divorce, but this new video that surfaced of the former Xscape band member dancing wildly in a club will surely infuriate the rapper.

As the Harris family gets ready to bid adieu to their successful reality show, "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle," they have found strange ways to stir up drama and eventually ratings by fighting with an alleged side chick, Bernice Burgos, and by always talking about their divorce.

This weekend, Tiny was filmed getting down and dirty at the Agenda nightclub in Nashville, Tennessee. The mother and business mogul wore a scandalous lace outfit that left little to the imagination.

The "My Little Secret" singer showed off her killer curves as she danced the night away with a group of friends.

It is being claimed that "The Arms of the One Who Loves You" artist, who filed for divorce from T.I. in December, is thinking about reconciling, but this video might create some friction.

T.I., who is known for being on the conservative side of things, will not react in a positive way after seeing the mother of his children party in a scandalous manner in a sheer jumpsuit that revealed her underwear.

Fans of Tiny and T.I. are following another drama on social media - the one that involves T.I.'s alleged mistress, Burgos.

After Tiny had thrown shade at Miss Burgos, an Instagram model, she clapped back with a video where she said: “This is not me being a n—–‘s side chick cause I would never be a side chick, never.Ain’t nobody breaking no happy home.”

The curvy stunner added: “That’s none of my business. I’m there for him, he’s a boss and I’m a boss, you’re getting it twisted. We’re just friends. I am not a pass around B and should not be called that."

Do you think all those scandals are real or made-up to grab headlines?

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  • Mary Estrada
    Mary Estrada May 29, 2017 10:38 PM PDT

    So sad for Tameka and the children. What kind of example are you giving your children TI. Tameka you will be just fine. You seem like a very strong individual and you will find someone who will respect you and appreciate you for the awesome woman you seem to be. God bless you and your children. Best wishes

  • SashaMarie
    SashaMarie Apr 15, 2017 4:54 PM PDT

    The grass is never greener on the other side and the one that has been down for you and had your back will always be there when everything else fails and when all the money fame and people are gone tiny is a ride or die spite your guys trials and tribulations you guys were a strong couple if you felt like marriage was a distraction why did you marry her you been. Having this crazy busy rapper lifestyle so why now all of a sudden she and it's a distraction it's really confusing and questionable it's you guys descion and life so god bless you guys I hope you guys work it out not just for he kids but for you guys friendship and love that you have for one another who says that the friendship will still be there when this is all said and done if your trying to be dating so fast and moving forward once u get serious with Bernice or whoever tiny will just fade away it happens all the time and for you guys cus u been together for so long that's a scary though starting all over when you duo mate is right in front of you I wish u guys the best I'm a fan of you both

  • Janeen R Newton
    Janeen R Newton Apr 15, 2017 6:40 AM PDT

    I remember that song Ti..... I got your back by you and Keri hilson....I love how you man up on that song....I watch you and Tiny all the time...I love y'all as a Power couple...I know Tiny LOVES you dearly.....I been there before the look in her eyes reminds me of my past marriage.....Can y'all try and work it out....I been divorced 4 years and still can't find another man like my ex...smdh......That grass ain't greener homie........TEAM HARRIS ALL DAY HOMIE....

  • Eastet
    Eastet Apr 14, 2017 3:35 PM PDT

    T.I . you should be ashamed of your self. You have a beautiful wife there. But you are Willy to give all of that up. You should stand up and be a man, you have sons here who need you and , you should want to be in these young men life. You might not grow up with a father in your home. But do not take that away from them. I never seen so much devoice among you stars .you got me scared, you fall in love and no one can pull you two apart and now you are letting your itch get the best of you. Can you two please stop and think about . don't let the devil take your marriage and make a marker out of it. I know no one is perfect. We all got things in our life that we need to repent of . but you two please for your children stop in the name of love. Can you two go away just you two alone . just put everything aside and go away. Was it that easy to fall out of love. If so something is wrong. Please l like both of you and you do not know me but my heart goes out to both of you and your children. T.I Please both of you stop this foolishness. If something happen to you and your wife who will take care of your children. Nothing is promise to no one. Please make this relationship right. I will be praying but you two please read this email. Blessings to your hole family.

  • Kristina Mitchell
    Kristina Mitchell Apr 10, 2017 3:13 PM PDT

    Praying for ti and tiny much live and respect to u both.

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