Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Slams Divorce Rumors After Car Crash

Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Slams Divorce Rumors After Car Crash
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Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton's husband and manager, is talking for the first time about the allegations he cheated, and they are getting a divorce.

It was a very odd weekend for the couple. The music producer crashed his car in California.

While the vehicle was damaged, Herbert, who was shaken, was not seriously injured.

He was taken to the hospital where he spent two days.

Around the same time, Braxton was on Instagram Live having an epic meltdown.

The reality star declined to name the person she was talking about but revealed that she was hurt by the words uttered by the loved one.

The mother of one stated: "They said I would be nothing without them."

The Braxton Family Values star later took to social media where she wrote: "Preserve your PEACE!! It is yours! The world didn't give it to you...but if you let them... they can sure take it! Take it back!"

It was believed that Braxton was talking about divorcing Herbert because he caused her too much pain.

According to Herbert -- do not believe the rumors.

The father of one said, "there’s no trouble in paradise," and his wife cares deeply about him and his well-being.

He explained that contrary to rumors the blonde diva was not in Atlanta partying after he had the accident in Los Angeles.

The flamboyant former talk show host flew to California to be with her spouse.

Mr. Herbert said he is angry with the lies being spread by the media about his marriage.

He confessed: “I'm upset about the lies claiming she doesn’t care about me. That’s my wife. I’m really sick of the lies. Sick of all the blogs.”

As for the car crash, he shared: “I'm doing well, but in a lot of pain.”

A fan weighed in on the divorce rumors by saying: "Girl who knows could be anything, anyone. Everyone saying Vince but those rumors been around all year I think it's one of her sisters."

Another gave her two cents by explaining: "Yea the Vince talks have been going on forever...idk what to believe when it comes to their relationship, on the one hand, I can see where something could b off, but on the other hand, I'm like hmmm they seem to genuinely love each other...idk if it's her sisters either...friends maybe? Idk but I wish her the best n hope everything works out for her!"

A third commenter said it is time to leave the couple alone and let them live their thruths.

The person explained: "PEOPLE.... Stop feeding into shTt!!! This DO NOT have to be about Tamar and Vince, it could be Tamar and a FRIEND!!!! STOP IT!!! It could be anybody!!! Damn!!! Carry on."

Some fans believe that Braxton might be pregnant with her second child.

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