Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Gets On Her Nerves Because Of Cool Photo With Benzino

Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Gets On Her Nerves Because Of Cool Photo With Benzino
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Tamar Braxton is furious over a picture of her husband, Vincent Herbert, showing off his impressive weight loss on Instagram.

A few hours ago, rapper Benzino shared a photo where he is seen playing golf with Herbert.

While both Benzino and Herbert looked dapper in their golf clothing -- fans were quick to notice that the music mogul is hiding his wedding ring.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star captioned the photo: "Me and bro coolin on da green.......I edged Vince in the skins game, I hit for a par 65..... @thevincentherbert."

When Braxton found out that her husband had a secret social media account or someone had created a fake account -- she blew a fuse.

The star of the WE tv reality show, Braxton Family Values , angrily wrote: "Wtf is this @thevincentherbert ?? Don't play with me.. not today, tomorrow nor the next day."

Fans of the former co-host of The Real talk show are a bit confused by her reaction.

Many want to know, what if Herbert has an Instagram account?

The diva flaunts and promotes her business ventures on social media, why can't her spouse do the same?

One fan said: "Vince sliming down nicely. Ohhh no! Someone created him a Insta page! Noooowww people.. you know Tamar is not the one! Hahahahaa! Jesus help!:"

Another shared: "Oh, where did Vince go! He looks great! Good job!Had Vincent been had an Instagram account? Ooooh! Vince in trouble."

A third commenter claimed: "Vince doesn’t have any social media accounts. Benzino tagged a page thinking it was Vince. Tamar is calling out the fake page asking what’s up? It looks like the person is trolling for people to scam out of their songs and beats and possible hookups."

A fourth person bashed Braxton: "Is this not hypocrisy? I mean you have social media and post photos of yourself sometimes showing a lot of skin. Why can't he have one? If it's even real either way, who cares. I couldn't deal with that."

In a recent interview, the mother of one claimed that she had retired from music to focus on her marriage.

She shared: “Marriage is great, but it is hard as hell. Every day is something new. I am not gonna sit up here and act like everything is peaches and cream every day because it is definitely not. But [music] is what we bump heads on the most. I am a real creative person, and I am really passionate about.”

What are your thoughts on the Instagram drama?

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  • Lavenia Brown
    Lavenia Brown Oct 20, 2017 3:12 PM PDT

    Tamar you are my girl please don't have any more surgeries you was pretty from the beginning

  • Lovey
    Lovey Oct 15, 2017 8:07 AM PDT

    Set up the TV show that'll start soon

  • Loonchiesmom
    Loonchiesmom Oct 14, 2017 9:37 PM PDT

    Tamar is ALWAYS in need of attention. If it is a real page, do you really believe he's tryna keep it a secret? His boy just posted a pic 4 the world 2c, which includes you, (HIS WIFE)! It doesn't seem 2b any malice there. U have ur own social media pages, why can't he? If it is a fake page created by a con, simply CATFISH them. Make sure you find out what's THE REAL 1st, w/hubby, b4 u have us read between the lines of ur comments about the account.

  • Yiti
    Yiti Oct 14, 2017 9:33 PM PDT

    There's always Wow spice it up reality t.v. YouTube on the gram, if anyone is interested to view & like yiti's shows and or web pages on her sites. Smooches!!

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